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Private psychologist london

Private Psychologist in London

Hello , my name is Dr Joel Sheridan, a Private Clinical Psychologist with over 12 years's experience.  I offer high quality psychological 
therapy for adults aged 18+ who are experiencing psychological distress.
I am passionate about helping people to overcome their difficulties and reclaim their lives.  As for my approach, I strive to balance professionalism with being down-to-earth, warm and approachable. 

Please note that I am not currently taking on any further Bupa patients for the time being


Are you seeking an anxiety therapist in London? 

I am able to effectively treat anxiety disorders and a wide range of problems including (but not limited to):

  • Panic disorder

  • Generalised anxiety 

  • Health anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • Specific phobias 

  • Body image problems 

  • Low self-esteem /Imposter syndrome  

  • Insomnia and sleep conditions

  • Posttraumatic stress disorder

  • Depression / low mood.

The reasons for seeking help  are many and varied. Some people, for instance, seek help during a difficult life transition such as the end of an important relationship, a bereavement, a change in employment, a move abroad or becoming a parent. Equally, I have treated people who have experienced a sudden onset of panic attacks or intense symptoms that appear to have come "out of the blue". Each person's presentation is unique and the early part of therapy is about making sense of this together (the psychological formulation).  

London Psychologist Dr Joel

“I find it very easy to share with him as he always responds with great understanding, insight and complete lack of judgment. Another great strength of Joel's is how well he adapts his sessions to what will suit you best. I never feel like I'm wasting a session on something that doesn't apply to me or my situation”.

Anxiety therapist London

As a private psychologist in London, I have worked with people from all walks of life. I have worked with university students, people in their first professional job, stay at home parents, people in the public eye, entrepreneurs, ex-pats, and professionals including bankers, lawyers, architects and artists. 

I will help you to better understand how your present responses (emotional, behavioural, emotional and physical) are influenced by your past experiences.

Working collaboratively with you, I will empower you to overcome these patterns with a variety of techniques that you can continue to use after therapy ends in order to stay well in the future.
With greater psychological health, you will be able to progress towards your life goals such as finding satisfying work, creating better relationship or discovering your life purpose. 

“Therapy with Dr Joel helped me discover some coping mechanisms, allowing me to deal with social anxiety and grief. I feel that my confidence and self-esteem has greatly increased since I began speaking with him. He has been kind, patient and intelligent throughout my sessions and I would highly recommend him”.



CBT in London and other therapies

I am fully accredited with the major professional bodies and aim to provide the very highest standards of care. I use bespoke treatments to each patient depending on their unique needs.


I offer psychological therapies which have proven effectiveness. In other words, these have been put through rigorous research trials at academic institutions and have been shown to be effective for particular conditions. These are known as "evidence based treatments”.


I will advise you which therapy I believe will best suit you at the end of the assessment phase. I offer four types of treatment:


(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in London)

A powerful and practical therapy suitable for a range of conditions especially anxiety disorders and low mood.

(Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing)

A brief but effective therapy for
PTSD and traumatic stress.

(Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

A mindfulness and values based approach which is particularly good for people encountering adversity.

(Compassion Focused Therapy)

 A skills-based approach which is suitable for people who often engage in excessive self-criticism.

  • Do you accept health insurance?
    Yes, I accept new patients with the following health insurance - Aviva - Allianz - Bupa Global* - CIGNA - GeoBlue - TriCare - WPA. * Bupa Global membership numbers have the format "BI" followed by 12 numbers. I am no longer accepting referrals from AXA PPP, Simply Health and Vitality. If you are with an insurer not listed here feel free to contact me for advice.
  • Which professional bodies are you registered with?
    BPS Chartered Psychologist British Psychological Society HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist Health and Care Professions Council BABCP Accredited Psychotherapist British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies
  • How much do you charge?
    Psychological therapy sessions are charged at £150 per session. Session duration is 50-55 minutes.
  • Why see a Private Psychologist?
    The NHS is a wonderful institution. However, there are certain advantages if you choose to go private when facing mental health difficulties. In short, you have far more choice over: Which professional you see The majority of people referred to a primary care psychology service will not be able to see a psychologist. There is often an expectation that around 75% of patients referred to those services will be allocated to a graduate mental health worker. These therapists have undertaken a part-time mental health course of just one year's duration which is very basic when compared to the rigours of a clinical psychology professional training (which comprises a minimum of 6 years in higher education: a 3-year bachelors degree in psychology plus a 3 year doctorate in clinical psychology). Who will be treating you In the NHS you are allocated to a single professional with whom you may or may not feel rapport. By going private, you have choice of whom you see. Therapeutic alliance (how comfortable you feel, level of trust etc) has been shown to be a strong predictor of therapy success. So being able to speak to a few therapists before deciding is a real advantage. When you start therapy Private therapy means you often are seen within a fortnight versus a long wait in the NHS. When it comes to psychological health most people want to be able to access practitioners with the qualifications and experience needed to provide a first class standard of care.


How Therapy Works

What To Expect


I recommend having a 15 minute initial telephone conversation to help  establish  your hopes for therapy. I will give you my professional opinion as to whether I feel that therapy is likely to be of benefit to you. Occasionally, I may recommend another professional if I feel that they would be better placed to treat your difficulties. If we decide to work together then I will offer you the next available slot.


We will meet for two preliminary appointments in order for me to carry out a detailed psychological assessment. The purpose of the assessment is twofold: (a) to help us to understand your difficulties and (b) to  inform the treatment plan. 

I will assess many areas including  the nature of your difficulties, their development across time and their impact on your life.


We will meet once weekly for 50 minutes. A typical course of therapy is around 12 sessions and I seek to help bring about meaningful change over this period.  


Treatment length depends on the nature of the problem(s) and their severity.


I will give you an idea of how many sessions I think you will need at the end of the assessment. 


Education and Training

BSc Hons Psychology (First Class)
University of Kent


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 
University College London 


Postgraduate Diploma in CBT 
Kings College London


EMDR Practitioner Training

EMDR Academy


“Therapy with Dr Joel helped me discover some coping mechanisms, allowing me to deal with social anxiety and grief. I feel that my confidence and self-esteem has greatly increased since I began speaking with him. He has been kind, patient and intelligent throughout my sessions and I would highly recommend him”.

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0208 058 1279

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Bupa patients: please note that I am not currently accepting  any new Bupa referrals.

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