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Career Coaching in London for young professionals.

Face to Face and Online 

Dr Joel Sheridan, Chartered Psychologist

Dr Joel Sheridan,
Chartered Psychologist

Dr Joel Sheridan is a Chartered Psychologist who (alongside clinical work) offers individual coaching for young professionals who feel who feel stuck, unsatisfied or in need of a career change. He largely focuses on working with people in their 20s-40s.   

Career Coaching - A Psychological Approach 

Whereas most coaches draw solely upon a coaching qualification, Dr Joel is able to draw upon:

  • 17+ years’ experience of working as a psychologist. Why is this relevant? Because he brings a greater depth of understanding (than a typical coach) of areas such as personality, motivation, values, stress management, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Accreditation in specific coaching tools. One measure, the incredible Lumina Spark model will give you a comprehensive, colourful and  in-depth overview as to your preferred working style, ideal working environment, and how you work with others who are similar and those different to you). This will be in the form of a detailed report which we will discuss and use to inform your action plan.

Can you identify with the following? 

  • You feel that you fell into the career you are in rather than choosing it.

  • Your current job is affecting your mental health.

  • You are neglecting other areas of your life beyond work. 

  • You wonder if there is a job out there which you would love.

  • You feel stuck in your current job but don't know how to move forwards. 

  • You want clarity on what sort of work environment would make you happier.

  • You have been procrastinating for a while and feel the need to take action . 

  • You want to make a change but do not know where to begin.

The 6 Phase Career Coaching Programme

  • PHASE 1 Exploration  

  • Discussion of passions, interests, goals 

  • Identification of personal values

  • Exploration of internal barriers to change (e.g. negative beliefs) 

  • Exploration of external barriers (e.g. commitments).

  • 1-2 sessions 

  • PHASE 2 Formulation and Breaking Unhelpful Patterns 

  • Synthesising the information into a "roadmap" for the work together. 

  • Formulating the vicious cycles that have kept you stuck or unsatisfied and highlighting what needs to change. 

  • Working on eliminating or reducing problem areas that seem to be getting in the way of progress

  • e.g. Indecision, procrastination, worry. 

  • 1-3 sessions 

  • PHASE 3 Skills Building

  • Helping you improve certain skills that appear relevant to you moving forwards using psychological change techniques. This might include work on increasing: 

    • Confidence/self-esteem 

    • Public speaking

    • Stress management and 

    • Maintaining attention.  

  • 2-3 Sessions

  • PHASE 4 Illumination 

  • I have trained in and am accredited to use a cutting edge Personality Tool called the Lumina Spark model. This is used many organisations worldwide. It is based upon the well researched Big 5 personality model but brings in Jungian thinking. 

  • Helping you to understand your underlying, everyday and overextended personas.

  • Providing you with a detailed Lumina Spark report to help you better understand the type of work environment you are most  suited to and what sort of people you tend to work better with based on your personality. 

  • 1-2 sessions 

  • PHASE 5 Implementation 

  • Supporting you to take action inspired by the the insights provided from the previous phases and moving towards meaningful change.

  • Helping you to think through  the most relevant actions to take and in what order.

  • Focusing on actions taken or not taken, overcoming internal/external barriers, and on the next steps.  

  • 2-3 sessions

  • PHASE 6 Review 

  • It is common that things can come up that present unexpected challenges along the way to change. Having two follow up sessions scheduled 1 and 3 months after the end of Phase 5 gives you a chance to put into practice everything that you have learned and to note down anything that you feel is still in need of exploration. We can then discuss this in the 11th and 12th sessions. 

  • 1-2 sessions. 


Career Coaching - Fees

Introductory "Discovery" Session

  • This brief 30 minute session will focus on discussing your current situation and  hopes for career coaching . There will also be time for questions. The purpose of this call is for you to decide if you would like to go ahead with booking a course of coaching with me. 

  • £29

Structured 6 Phase Programme


  • £2750 if paid upfront (booked and paid for within 48 hours of the Introductory Call : 5% discount).


  • £3000 if paid in four instalments 

  • This amounts to four payments of £750 transferred prior to sessions 1, 4, 7 and 10.    


  • 12 x 60 min sessions either online or in person.

  • Focused exercises in the form of between session “homework” and in-session exploration.

  • All resources.

  • The cost of a detailed Lumina Spark personality report which will provide in-depth insights into your 3 personas and illuminate different aspects of your personality at work. 

  • Facilitated working through of a 6-phase framework for helping you focus your career exploration. 

  • Help to overcome procrastination and indecision. 

  • Skill development work where needed on confidence, public speaking and assertive communication. 

  • Access to tools both from traditional coaching as well as from psychology (such as CBT) to aid reflection and exploration. 

  • Contact via email between sessions.

  • Customised recommended reading list.

  • Greater clarity on what you truly desire in a career

    • The kind of work that would leave you feeling fulfilled?

    • The sort of people you would like to have as colleagues 

    • The type of environment which would suit your personality

    • The kind of working style that would complement you

    • What is your “life’s work” or work that would give you a sense of purpose? 

  • A better understanding of yourself as a person

    • Your 3 personas (underlying, everyday, and overextended)

    • Your values and key motivation

    • Self-limiting beliefs 

    • How you respond to stress 

    • How you can transform your weaknesses into strengths 

  • Help overcoming stumbling blocks 

    • Focused work on any areas that are getting in your way such as low confidence and difficulties with public speaking  

  • A clear action plan and accountability in the final sessions 

    • Through focused discussion and exploration you will have a clear action plan to work on. The latter sessions will be focused on helping you to move forwards with this.

Reasons to invest in career coaching

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Dr Joel

A Psychological Approach to Coaching

Dr Joel is a highly experienced Chartered Psychologist. He has 17+ years of experience of helping people to understand themselves better and achieve behavioural change. He offers coaching to young professionals who feel stuck and need some help in moving forwards. As a Psychologist he has been featured in the Telegraph and SYFY. 

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