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Coaching with Psychologist

Dr Joel Sheridan,
Chartered Psychologist

Dr Joel Sheridan is a Chartered Psychologist who (alongside clinical work) offers individual coaching. He works with people to define their life goals, work out what's holding them back from living optimally, and help them move forwards towards a desired future.  

Coaching - How does psychology make a difference?

Dr Joel is able to draw upon 17+ years’ experience of working as a psychologist.

A  typical "life coach" or "executive coach" has no psychological training. By contrast, Dr Joel brings in-depth understanding of areas such as personality, core values, stress management, confidence, motivational enhancement and emotional intelligence. He is also comes with expertise in tackling self-sabotage, unhelpful thinking traps,  vicious cycles and low-self esteem. 

Dr Joel is accredited in two cutting edge coaching tools. One measure, the Lumina Spark provides a comprehensive, colourful report into your personality and various personas. From this you can gain insights into your ideal working environment, as well as how work optimally with those similar and those different from you. Another, the Lumina Emotion enables you to explore emotional intelligence through the lens of personality.

How do you know if you would benefit from Psychological Coaching?

Please read through the following statements and see if any of these apply to you: 

  • You are lacking energy or are feeling burnt out.

  • You work too much and neglect rest, sleep, relationships,  physical exercise and other important life domains.

  • You have  achieved most of your goals in life yet feel dissatisfied in your personal life

  • On some level you feel you lack a sense of meaning or purpose. 

  • You put on a facade of being happy / content but inside you are struggling. 

  • Others have noticed that you self-sabotage your own relationships or success. 

  • You have a perfectionistic attitude that can get in the way of your effectiveness. 

  • You are really hard on yourself (self-critical) and know that it has a negative impact on you.

  • You have a sense of where you want to get to, but you haven't yet set clear goals. 

  • You feel like you could benefit from more self-awareness.

  • You procrastinate over getting started with things. 

  • You struggle to focus for very long.

  • You put others first and neglect your own needs. 

  • You avoid conflict by not saying anything and lack assertiveness. 

  • You feel like you don't deserve your success and it is only a matter of time before you are "found out" to be a fraud (imposter syndrome).

  •  You have some bad habits that are getting in the way of your happiness and you want to change. 

  • Or perhaps you need help to identify what aspects of your life are not working as well as they could. 

What's the difference between a therapist and a coach?

  • Coaching Psychology is an academic field of study and practice which recognises that much of what is referred to as "coaching" is an aspect of psychology. In therapy I work with people who are in a state of psychological distress, typically anxiety or depression. In coaching, I work with people who are unhappy or dissatisfied but do not have a recognised mental health condition as such. 

Coaching Fees

  • I offer two types of coaching 

  • 1. Career Coaching - a structured six -Phase "Career Coaching" package for young professionals unsatisfied in their careers. Read more here

  • 2. Executive Coaching - customised coaching programmes for entrepreneurs and executives.  

  • ​Please contact me for further information about my coaching fees:

Associated Terms

  • Executive Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Graduate Coaching

  • Interview Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Confidence Coaching. 

Executive Coaching

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