The First Two Appointments 

What to expect

The first two appointments 

During your first two 50-minute sessions I will be gathering important information from you that will influence your treatment plan.  I shall be exploring the nature of your difficulties, their impact, how they developed over time, and crucially what is currently maintaining them  (with particular attention to thoughts, beliefs, emotions, physical sensations and behavioural responses). I will also help you to define meaningful therapy goals and to consider how we can best work towards these.  


Psychological therapy 

As a Clinical Psychologist I am trained in a range of psychological therapies. As a  fully accredited  (BABCP) cognitive  behavioural psychotherapist I am able to provide high quality evidence based CBT. CBT is the recommended treatment of choice by the Department of Health for most depressive and anxiety disorders. It's effectiveness has been widely researched and tested (through randomised controlled trials, the "gold standard" in medical research). 


However, pure CBT does not  always suit patients who often present with multiple problems . I therefore typically offer “psychological therapy” that is strongly informed by CBT, but which also blends other powerful therapies such as mindfulness- based stress reduction, compassion focused therapy, ACT and behavioural couples therapy.  My  aim is always to provide patients with tools and techniques that help them feel better as swiftly as possible , alongside a creating safe and therapeutic space where we can discuss emotional difficulties and life challenges.  


What is CBT?

CBT is a structured, time-limited, change-focused and measureable type of talking therapy. It not only entails in-session work but also between-session work ("homework") with the aim of helping you to feel better as soon as possible. I will be teaching you how to use effective techniques in order to challenge unhelpful beliefs and shift problematic behaviours. I will also help you to learn useful strategies that aim to reduce some of the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing. CBT is not just about the here-and-now; it is also focused on helping you to stay well in the future through giving you tools and ideas for coping with life's challenges.