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Drawing upon a range of.evidence based therapies, I am able to treat a wide range of presenting difficulties from anxiety disorders to PTSD.

Issues that can be overcome with therapy

  • Panic attacks and specific anxiety disorders  - Therapy can help you understand and overcome panic attacks through evidence based treatment. Therapy can also tackle specific anxiety disorders (social anxiety, health anxiety, phobias, body image anxiety, OCD). 

  • Generalised anxiety and worry  - Therapy can help you tackle worry spirals, tolerate uncertainty, learn to relax and overcome catastrophic and all or nothing thinking styles. 

  • Trauma - Therapy can help reduce your post-traumatic stress symptoms and allow you to reclaim your life from past experiences. Trauma therapy targets areas such as flashbacks, nightmares, unhelpful beliefs about the trauma as well as avoidance. 

  • Depression and low mood - Therapy can help you learn techniques to either challenge your negative thoughts head on, or learn to distance yourself from these. It can also help reduce rumination, social withdrawal, and low energy etc. 

  • Excessive self-criticism - Therapy can help you to learn to modify your inner self talk so you become less punitive and more reasonable with yourself and the expectations you set.  

  • Low Self Esteem - Therapy can help reduce Imposter Syndrome, and being too hard on yourself. Therapy can help you to recognise your strengths and positive attributes in everyday life so you can start thriving. Related conditions: body image problems, social phobia, chronic shyness.

  • Sleeping difficulties - Therapy can help you to overcome unhelpful patterns of beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that may be affecting your sleep quality. 

  • Stress and burnout - Therapy can help you to understand the difference between healthy /optimal stress levels, and chronic stress. Therapy can help you learn to relax, alleviate physical and cognitive symptoms so you can enjoy better relationships and function more optimally. Related conditions: emotional burnout.

  • Perfectionism and Procrastination - Two different psychological states that are often found together. Therapy can help you to recognise if you have aspects of clinical perfectionism and work out how you can maintain high standards whilst introducing more flexibility in managing yourself and others. Therapy can help you to overcome difficulties in getting started with projects and plans. 

  • Life transitions - Therapy can help if you are struggling with transitioning to a new stage in your life: e.g. leaving home, starting university, beginning a new career, taking on new roles and responsibilities, entering a new career, moving to a new city, leaving a partner, or setting up your own business.

  • Bereavement - Therapy can help you to begin to talk about your loss and support you through the grieving process. Therapy can help you begin to reinvest yourself in your life without that valued person, whilst making space for the grieving.

  • Assertiveness Therapy can help you to understand why you  avoid assertive thinking, behaviour etc. therapy can help you to develop new ways of responding to others that leads to better relationships and to you and others feeling respected. 

  • Building meaningful, healthy relationships - I often help people who are successful in their professional lives but who feel unfulfilled in their personal lives. Therapy can help with trust issues, loneliness, insecurity, painful break ups, and difficulty in finding a suitable life partner. 

  • Managing difficult family dynamics - Therapy can help you to stay mental healthy even in the presence of difficult and sometimes toxic family environments. All too often people can encounter emotional challenges because of tricky family members and difficult family dynamics. 

  • Self sacrifice - Therapy can help you if you tend to put others first and neglect your own needs being met. 

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