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Skype Counselling



Access a London based Private Clinical Psychologist from anywhere in the world with Online Therapy

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Introduction to Skype Counselling

Online Therapy has become incredibly popular amongst patients and therapists alike.  With me, you can be sure that you will receive the same standard of therapy online as you would receive in person. Based on my experience of delivering hundreds of therapy sessions online,  I feel confident that Skype counselling will meet your expectations for therapy. As long as you have a private space where you won’t be disturbed and a decent internet connection then online therapy should work fine. 

What is needed?

You'll require a high-speed broadband connection, plus a webcam and microphone on your computer. You can get hold of these items inexpensively via Amazon if your computer doesn't already have them.

What's in the name Skype Counselling?

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic people were increasingly interested in remote counselling. Skype, the computer programme that enables you to video chat over the internet, became synonymous with remote therapy. This is when people began to refer to “Skype counselling” or “Skype therapy” when referring to “online therapy”. It has now become the term used most frequently to refer to this method of therapy delivery. 

Will Online Therapy be as effective as
Face to Face Therapy

Absolutely.  In fact there is a growing research base that supports online therapy as a highly effective alternative to traditional face-to-face treatment (see below).

In addition to this, online counselling seems to have become many clients’ preferred format. It makes sense on a practical level: if you have a busy working lifestyle it can be hard to find the time for a therapy session plus travel to and from the clinic. Staying at your desk and logging on takes a lot less time. This means that you are more likely to commit to regular sessions which is vitally important as we know that positive progress in therapy is associated with regular attendance. 

Is Skype Counselling different from face to face therapy other than being online?

No, because online therapy and face-to-face therapy adhere to the same principles. In fact, all of the talking therapies I offer (e.g. CBT, EMDR) can be provided online. 

Benefits of Skype Counselling 

  • You are not limited to just seeing psychological therapists who work in your location. With online therapy you can see a therapist based on the other side of the world.

  • It allows you to attend a session from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

  • It means you do not need to miss scheduled sessions if you are out of London on business or on holiday.

  • It avoids the need to travel to and from a clinic.

  • The software is straightforward to use. 

  • Research indicates that the clinical outcomes are similar between those who had face to face therapy versus those who had online counselling (Backhaus, 2012).

  • Some people report feeling more comfortable talking openly in Skype Counselling versus face to face and this allows them to speak about topics they may have otherwise avoided. One possible reason for this is that some people may find it trickier to discuss very personal problems if they are sitting face to face with a therapist - online therapy allows for more interpersonal space.

Potential Challenges of Skype Counselling 

  • You need a private area where you are not likely to be disturbed and this isn't possible for everyone. 

  • Some parts of the UK (and other countries) do not have strong internet connections. This is often the case in remote rural locations.

Sometimes Skype Counselling is not suitable 

Skype counselling is not suitable for those who are at risk of suicide,  are in acute crisis, or have serious mental health issues. If you are in crisis you should always contact your GP for advice (or attend A&E at night).

Terms Similar to Skype Counselling 

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Studies supporting use  of Skype Counselling 

Germain, V., Marchand, A., Bouchard, S., Drouin, M. S., & Guay, S. (2009). Effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy administered by videoconference for posttraumatic stress disorder. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 38(1), 42-53.

Varker, T., et al. (2019).Efficacy of Synchronous Telepsychology Interventions for People With Anxiety, Depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Adjustment Disorder: A Rapid Evidence Assessment. Psychological Services, Vol. 16, No. 4.

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Dr Joel has helped me enormously. He listens carefully, shows great empathy and applies clinically proven techniques specifically to an individual's needs. I would not hesitate to recommend him.