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Terms of Therapy


Confidentiality is a key aspect of psychological therapy. It supports the client's sense of safety and trust and contributes to making the therapeutic relationship different from any other interaction.  My clinical practice holds all records securely and will ensure confidentiality in the treatment of any information held about it's clients. Please see Privacy Policy for further details.


Please note that the offer of psychological therapy with myself depends on the outcome of the assessment appointments .I occasionally recommend that patients seek a different type of therapy or a different therapist at the end of the first 1-2 sessions if I think it is likely to benefit them.

Booking a course of therapy

After session one, the patient and myself book the agreed number of sessions into our diaries. This allows me to reserve this time for you.

Session fee for psychological therapy

I charge a fee of £150 per 50 minute session of psychological therapy (unless another fee is agreed with an insurer). I send out invoices to clients every wee or two. Payment is required within 7 days of the invoice date. 


Once I book you into a session, I commit to keeping that appointment reserved for you. Therefore cancelled sessions are payable:
- in full (100%) within two working days of the appointment.
- in part (50%) 2-4 working days of the appointment.

There is no charge if a session is cancelled  5+ working days' prior to the appointment. So if you wish to cancel a session on a given Tuesday you would need to let me know by the previous Tuesday.

There is no charge when the practice is closed. 

Regular attendance 

Please note that regular attendance is required. A reasonable number of sessions may be cancelled for annual leave and other purposes. However, it is expected that clients attend 4 out of 6 weekly slots offered. The offer of psychological therapy may be withdrawn if missed sessions exceed this.

Continuing therapy

Commitment to attending regularly is important if you wish to make progress. However, please be aware that you are under no obligation to commit to a full course of therapy . That is,  you can choose to stop at any point in the course of treatment. This rarely happens but I wish to point this out from the outset so you can feel assured that you have this option.