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from past clients whom I have worked with as a private psychologist.  Examples of how psychological therapy can transform lives. 

October 2021(1)

Therapy with Dr Joel helped me discover some coping mechanisms, allowing me to deal with social anxiety and grief. I feel that my confidence and self-esteem has greatly increased since I began speaking with him. He has been kind, patient and intelligent throughout my sessions and I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Joel!

October 2021 (2)

Couples’ therapy with Dr Joel was a great experience. He is patient, kind, professional and was able to guide a better conversation between my partner and I. I would happily recommend him to anyone, our experience has been life changing. Thanks Dr Joel.

September 2021 (1)

I highly recommend Joel. His kind and professional approach has helped me gain a clearer insight of certain issues. His guidance has been very useful in finding better and more helpful ways of dealing with those issues. The results have been very positive and constructive.

September 2021 (2)

I have tried therapy before with not much success. However, since starting with Dr Joel I have seen such an improvement. Very happy with the results so far. Highly recommended.

August 2021 

Dr Joel has helped me enormously. He listens carefully, shows great empathy and applies clinically proven techniques specifically to an individual's needs. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

May 2021 

Joel is a great therapist. His approach is kind, patient and respectful whilst still challenging enough to drive growth. Its a great combination - I'd happily recommend Joel to anyone looking to undertake CBT.


April 2021 

Dr Joel Sheridan is a wonderful psychotherapist, he's helped me with anxiety as well as work related stress. He uses a mix of various techniques and methods that are very good at dealing with a range of issues from anxiety, depression, as well as helping you to improve your professional as well as private life. I cannot thank him enough and recommend him highly!

March 2021 

Joel has been fantastic in supporting me in my journey. I highly recommend him. Thank you Joel.


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had Joel’s excellent help and would thoroughly recommend him. For many years I suppressed feelings of anxiety and panic, but in my early thirties it had started to take control of my professional and social life.   I did a considerable amount of research to find the best person to help me, I’m so pleased that I did, because the impact of Joel’s therapy sessions has transformed my life. Joel helped me to identify and cope with day-to-day challenges through a range of highly effective techniques. He is also a wonderful listener and psychologist - and I now feel much better positioned to go on and make the most of my life.


Dr Joel is a considered, highly effective and emotionally intelligent practitioner who guided me through a very helpful, relevant and tailored treatment programme. His knowledge and patience in explaining and helping me to objectively practice psychology, CBT and Mindfulness techniques has had a materially positive impact on my life on a day-to-day basis.  Coming from a background where I hadn’t previously engaged with or sought treatment for mental health issues beyond having a frustrating experience with another practitioner who too quickly labelled my condition, I was quite sceptical about the potential benefits to be sought. Dr Joel dispelled that immediately by clearly listening, guiding and adopting a caring approach to working with lasting and accessible techniques which, simply put, help. I really can’t recommend Dr Joel highly enough". 


When I first visited Dr Sheridan, my anxiety issues had become so severe that every aspect of my life was being affected.  Eight sessions later, I feel like I finally have control over my anxiety. His approach to tackling anxiety is very scientific and systematic. He helped me understand the physiology of my anxiety, and has given me techniques to stop it in its tracks


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Why see a private clinical psychologist?

The NHS is a wonderful institution. However, there are certain advantages if you choose to go see a private psychologist. In short you have choice over:

  • The type of therapist you see (the majority of people referred to a primary care psychology service will not be able to see a psychologist - around 75% will see a graduate worker with a fraction of the clinical training).

  • Who will be treating you (you may find it easier to talk to one individual over another).

  • When you can start therapy (private therapy means you often are seen within one week versus a long wait in the NHS).

  • When  it comes to psychological health most people want to be able to access practitioners with the qualifications and experience needed to provide a first class standard of care.